Autism Parenting Toolkit


If you are just receiving your child's diagnosis, I would like to give you this free Autism Parenting toolkit. This toolkit contains my best and my most popular autism parenting resources.

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Printable Resources

3 Lessons

These are my most popular printables for autism! They were designed to:

  • Help with creating a visual schedule (Daily Routine, Bedtime Routine, Time to Eat)
  • Help with social skills (Manners, Feelings)
  • Help with behaviors (My Calming Strategies)


PDF Blog Posts

1 Lessons

In this module, I have my most popular blog posts related to autism. I have included the link for each post, as well as a PDF copy for you to download, print, and read as you'd like.

eBook Resources

1 Lessons

These two eBooks are the results of my own personal experiences through this journey. I will expand on them in the future, of course, but it's a start.

The first eBook (Grief, Guilt, and Autism) is my narrative on when my daughter was diagnosed. 

The second eBook (I'm Okay, It's Going to Be Okay) is where I further talk about coping skills.

Coping Strategies for Parents Masterclass

6 Lessons

This is a four part video interview series featuring several autism parenting experts (including myself) where we are sharing our best coping tips to help you through this initial diagnosis phase. 

Self Care Resources

1 Lessons

Here you will find my Self Care Assessment Worksheet, my 40 Days of Gratitude Journal, and my Stress Busters for Moms eBook.

Self care is one of those areas that we do tend to neglect, but honestly? It's really so important. I cannot stress this enough.

You need to take care of yourself.

Homemaking Resources

1 Lessons

Not only are we mom (and primary caregiver) but we also find ourselves with the additional role of head homemaker. 

As a stay at home mom, you likely juggle so many roles. And I get it! The resources here are for you to help manage your home. 

Make Over Your Mornings

7 Lessons

If your morning routine could use a little work, this short course is for you! Let's work together on creating a morning routine that works for you.

Meal Planning 101

8 Lessons

Open Me!

1 Lessons

Woohoo, you've found the hidden treasure!

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