Advocacy: The Parent's Mini Trip


In this mini-course, you will be taken through three lessons to prepare you for Advocacy: The Parent's Journey.

These mini-lessons are taken from full modules in the course so you're really getting a taste of what's to come.


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Day 1

1 Lessons

Welcome to the first day! You can complete each mini-lesson all at once, or you can take it day by day. However, they must be completed in order.

In this important first lesson, we'll discuss the stage of the journey that you might currently be in.

Day 2

1 Lessons

Welcome to Day 2! I hope that you enjoyed the first lesson.

In this lesson, you will learn four effective skills that every advocate needs.

Day 3

1 Lessons

Welcome to Day 3! This is the final lesson of the mini-course and I hope that it has been useful to you.

In this lesson, you will learn why your story matters and why it is important.

The Full Course

1 Lessons

Are you ready for the full course? Be sure to watch the video first! There's some special information there that you don't want to miss!

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