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Advocacy: The Parent's Mini Trip

In this mini-course, I have taken three sample lessons from Advocacy: The Parent's Journey.

Think of this course as the prep-work, so to speak, for the full journey that you will take.

Your course includes:

  • 3 mini video lessons
  • 2 actionable handouts

And this course can be accessed as often as you need.

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Advocacy: The Parent's Journey

Does the IEP planning process overwhelm you? Are you concerned that your child's needs aren't being met?

Advocacy: The Parent's Journey is your step-by-step framework to take you from overwhelmed meeting attendee to active participant to confident advocate.

The special education process can be intimidating.

IEP Planning can be stressful.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

With Advocacy: The Parent's Journey, I am walking you through my step-by-step framework to become the confident advocate that your child needs.



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My Daily Routine (Printable Schedule and Mini Course)

The daily routine printable bundle gives you the ability to create:

  • a completely functional visual schedule to use at home
  • a completely functional routine that you can print as needed
  • the beginnings of a communication system

And with the bonus training, you will be shown different ways to implement the schedule. One of my personal favorites is with a 3 ring binder, but I will show you several other ways as well.

This bonus training was a long time coming and I am so excited to share it with you! Be on the lookout for ASL (American Sign Language) add-ons coming soon and ways to personalize your schedule.

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Behavior Management Bundle

If you are in need of behavior management strategies for home, then I would encourage you to check out the Behavior Management Bundle for the Home!

This bundle includes the following products:

  • My Calming Strategies Workbook (for parents)
  • Behavior Chart (weekly & daily)
  • Positive Discipline Tips for Special Needs Parents
  • Tantrum vs. Sensory Meltdown Cards
  • Good and Bad Behaviors Printable Pack
  • Good Behavior Reward Cards
  • Managing My Emotions Printable Pack

These products are available for purchase separately as well.

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Discipline Tips for Special Needs Children

This actionable eBook helps you lay the foundation for creating discipline strategies that work with your special needs child. 

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Reclaiming Your Time

If you are looking to work on your time management skills, this is the course for you! 

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How to Live a Meaningful Life

Living a life with meaning starts with one single step. Let's take that first step together.

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Vision Board 101

Want to start a vision board? Let's create one together with this course that also includes vision board printables to get you started.

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The Gratitude Plan

This bite sized course + eBook is all about developing an attitude of gratitude. In the membership? You should have access to this course already!

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Child Safety 101

The world is full of never-ending dangers, but you can still keep your kids safe...

Discover How To Keep Kids Safe From The Dangers of The World And Prevent Accidents Using This UP-TO-DATE Child Safety Course!

Are You A Parent Or Expecting Kids? The Truth Is That There's No Shortage of Dangers Out There, But You Can Easily Keep Your Kids Safe And Lower The Threat! Discover Everything You Need Today!

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Child Safety 101 Video Course

These videos will you give a HUGE advantage over keeping your dearly beloved children safe from the many dangers that lurk in the world. You can get started and be finished by the time you're done with this super comprehensive video series.

You'll get immediate access to ALL 10 video tutorials for just $97!

That's truly a drop in the bucket when you consider the fact that you're getting 10 step-by-step videos that you can watch and replay at any time down the road.

  • Video I: Getting Started With Child Safety
  • Video II: Kids and Mobility Safety
  • Video III: School Safety and Academic Mentality Insight
  • Video IV: Babysitter, Childcare, and Stranger Safety
  • Video V: Children & The World Wide Web
  • Video VI: Outdoor Safety 101 (Sports Included)
  • Video VII: Youth Safety Around The House
  • Video VIII: Keeping Your Toddler or Infant Safe
  • Video IX: Children, Teens, and Drug Abuse
  • Video X: Talking To Your Child About Safety + Prioritizing Safety Tips

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Meal Planning and Prepping for Busy Moms

 If the thought of meal planning has you outright confused or overwhelmed, worry not! I am covering the basics and then some in this course.


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Mompreneur 101 (Free Course)

Are you a mom who wants to work from home? Looking to supplement your family's income?

This is the course for you! In this free course, we'll talk about the four essential steps that you need to take on your path to becoming a mompreneur.

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Mompreneur 101: Building Your Business

With this course you are getting 6 packed modules that cover the following:

  • Module #1: The Ugly Truth (What They Don’t Tell Moms About Starting a Business)
  • Module #2: Designing a Legging Lifestyle (Choosing a Product or Service to sell)
  • Module #3: Finding Your Unicorn Client (Who are They & Where are They Hiding)
  • Module #4: Attracting Your Tribe (Creating Brand Awareness)
  • Module #5: Making it Legit (Recommendations for Protecting Your Biz Booty)
  • Module #6: Smart Systems (How to Build Your Business While Momming)

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The Overwhelmed Mom Club

Are you an overwhelmed, imperfect mom? Join me in this journey, as we take one imperfect step at a time to bring hope and restore the joy of parenting, homemaking, and life.

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